Starter Marketing

Facebook Ads + Automated Text/Emails + Sales Dashboard

We're making agency-level marketing affordable for small businesses by removing all the fluff and overhead to get you the absolute best return for your small budget.

Affordable Marketing

We keep our pricing as affordable as possible by automating on-boarding, setup, and not having account managers.

Use our awesome online dashboard to manage your account and request changes... thus saving you on agency fees!


Online Ads Package

$129 / mo

1 Facebook Lead Ad Campaign

1 Nurture Campaign (3 texts or emails)

Sales Lead & Reporting Dashboard

Ads + Social Package

$249 / mo

Online Ads Package

8 Custom Social Posts Per Month

Posted to Both Facebook & Instagram

Website + Social + Ads

$349 / mo

Online Ads + Social Media Package

New 5-Page Website + 1hr Updates/mo

1 Monthly Email/Text Message Campaign

Something Different

Affordable Marketing By Design

We're not your typical marketing agency. Our focus is on saving you money and making you money at the same time. We do this through automation, self-service, and a whole lotta know-how.

By creating automated processes, maintaining minimal staff, and helping you be more self-sufficient... we're able to pass those savings on to you while still helping you get world-class marketing that helps generate revenue.

We Are Not For Everyone

The way we do things doesn't work with everyone's personal style - but that's ok!

We're a special kind of agency for small business owners who like to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Behind the Scenes

Real People Working Behind the Scenes to Help You

We work behind the scenes to help reduce overhead costs and give you an easy interface to manage your account and request any updates.

All of your requests go to a real person who then makes sure requested updates are completed as quickly as possible and you will receive notifications as requested items are completed.

Easy Management

Smart Tools & Automations To Get Things Done Quicker

We implement and utilize the best tools on the market to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for you to manage your account, view marketing performance reports, manage incoming sales leads, request account updates, and so much more.

This is the marketing agency for people who like to set it and forget it and watch the new leads roll in.

No Fluff!

We're Not the Hand-Holding Type - We Like to Knock Things Out & Get Things Done

By eliminating all of the fluff that comes with hiring a normal marketing agency, we're able to provide the same high-level marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost.

This allows you to do what you do best without the hassle of a marketing learning curve, complicated setups, and on-going optimizations.

Sales Lead Management Dashboard

Included with ALL Marketing Packages listed above

One Central Hub to Manage All Leads

  • Manage all patient leads in one place
  • Easily track ROI for all advertising
  • Get real-time data reporting

2-Way Communication via Text or Email

  • Track all communication with patients
  • Easily communicate via email or text message
  • Ability to run bulk text message campaigns

Automated Nurture Campaigns

  • Easily and quickly setup nurture campaigns
  • Run new lead nurtures + long-term nurtures
  • Setup triggers to start automatic campaigns